take your business on the road WITH DALTON + CO.



First and foremost we are trailer people.

We completely rebuilt a 1954 Dalton Travel Trailer from the frame up and turned it into a mobile service area intended for parties and events. Every square inch was restored and crafted with quality and care in mind.




We are in the business of trailer rentals.

We know what we are good at, and that is building a rock-solid trailer that is designed to give your business an opportunity to make a lasting impression when you serve your customers from our mobile eye catcher.




We are here to make your life easier and your brand even more memorable.

We created a space for you to operate out of that is reliable, clean, easy to work from and gets you the attention your craft deserves. Forget loading and unloading those heavy bars, tables, canopies, extension cords, mini fridges, etc. Save yourself the backache.

We’ve already done all the heavy lifting so that you can deliver your service and products in a way that allows you to create an elevated and memorable customer experience.



For each event we will arrive one hour prior to your arrival to deliver

and set up Dolly so that you can load in and set up easily.

Dolly comes nicely stacked with:

•One hand washing sink with fresh water and grey water tanks

•2 Tap Kegerator (fits up to two 1/2 barrel kegs)

• 3 ice reservoirs for chilling

• Downlighting / Uplighting

• Ample under-cabinet storage shelving

• Open shelving above counters

• 20 sq. ft. of stainless steel countertop space

• 6 ft. service window

Full licensing and Insurance including:

• $2 million commercial liability

• $2 million liquor liability

• Blanket coverage for venue

• COI Specially naming venue as Additionally Insured (upon request)

can you see it now?


If you see us being of help to you in growing your business by going the mobile route, let’s schedule a phone call or get together for coffee! We’d love to get to know you and your business more so that we can best serve you. We’d also love to give you a tour of our rig, Dolly so you can get a good idea of her capabilities and what makes working with her so awesome!