When you choose to book with us we will connect you with the corresponding vendor to the type of event you are hosting. Each of the following are fully equipped and trained to work out of our rig, ensuring your complete satisfaction. We don’t take your event lightly, so you can be sure that when you work with our partners you are getting only the best in the industry.



Let us show you what we’ve got!

We like hand-crafted cocktails, freshly muddled fruits, veggies, and spices, and good quality liquor and liqueurs. We know how to make a note-worthy cocktail, but most importantly we want to curate a bar selection that has YOU written all over it. We won’t limit you to the standard selections, we will take your hand and woo your palate by guiding you through choosing or creating cocktails that fit YOUR likes, preferences, and budget!



Staying humble is a command for us. Kindness is our lifestyle. Drinking coffee is a full- time gig and we’re not about that award-winning “bean” life, just want the knowledge of farm -to- cup. Yeah, we roast too, but we unintentionally got into it halfway into our first year in business because we thought it would be really fun. It is.

Meek is what we strive for. Meek is who we are called to be. (Matthew 5:5)


When you book our WELL CRAFTED package our friends over at Craft’d will put together a complimentary, custom shopping list based on the type of drinks being served, number of guests, and hours of service at your event. Once you have placed your order with them, we then schedule pick up and delivery to your event, saving you one more errand before the big day! (*insert hallelujah choir*)

The party shoppe

Upgrade your bar experience with glass stemware, wine barrel cocktail tables, or even lounge seating. They have what you need to make your event come to life.

They are our go-to for any and all party rentals!